McKenzie & Co. was born from a passion for high quality environments and a desire to develop great places for people to grow.

Established in 2014, the business has fast become a centre of excellence for land development solutions.

We’re led by three of the best in the business. Our founder Clayton McKenzie (an advisory specialist and industry stalwart), has been a Director of the business since its origin, along with experienced engineer James Kitchen. James Dufty, also a veteran civil engineer, joined shortly after the business began and was appointed as a Director in 2021.

Expanding rapidly from the outset, we now proudly boast a workforce of more than 70 highly qualified and experienced development advisors, project managers, engineers, surveyors, planners and support staff across the country.

With office hubs in Auckland City, Manukau and Taupo as well as satellite offices in Mangawhai and Rotorua, we’ve got you covered.

Alongside our technical skills, our team love to have fun, with comradery and competitiveness across our teams making for some excellent social gatherings.

We’re looking forward to making our mark on the future landscapes of New Zealand in a way that maximises investments as well as lifestyles.

Clayton McKenzie & James Kitchen

Our Why

We see a future where better environments create great places for people to grow.

Picture this...

Mum waves to the postie across the front yard while Dad washes the car in the driveway.

Pushing the double pram, she laughs at her eldest child, who has taken the training wheels off his bike and is now snaking his way along the wide footpaths.

They’re off to visit Nana and Pop who have just moved into their new terraced apartment, in the new section of the neighbourhood, just around the block.

Smiling to herself, she quietly celebrates the move to this neighbourhood was the best investment her family could have made.

This is our why.

It’s a simple scene, but one that took expert development advice and management, skilled engineering design, accurate and swift surveying, and timely, successful planning to achieve.

From lot sizes that allow flexible housing options for different types of buyers, to storm and wastewater planning for environmentally friendly treatment of runoff, to interconnecting streets and pedestrian friendly footpaths.

There are hundreds of similar scenarios like this one, from high density brownfield sites to large scale greenfield projects and everything in between. One thing they have in common; when done right these environments can create great places where people can grow to their full potential.

To find out more about our services and how we can help, get in touch with the team.