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What do our surveying services cover?

Surveying services play an integral part in the construction process and are essential in linking the planning, design, construction and close-out phases of any project. Using state of the art surveying equipment, our services cover land development, civil and infrastructure, construction/commercial, building and residential.

Our surveyors can carry out aerial and topography surveys, laser scanning, land transfer surveys and can assist with resource consent applications for subdivision purposes (amongst other things) to ensure the smooth running of your project from start to finish.

Our Surveying Services


  • Topographic surveys and site mapping
  • Subdivision
  • Boundary definition & pegging
  • Unit title
  • Aerial surveys and drone (UAV) surveys
  • 3D cloud point generation
  • Land transfer survey for urban, rural, unit title, limited title, Maori land, subdivisions
  • Resource consent applications for subdivision
  • Legalisation surveys
  • Precise monitoring surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys


  • Topographic surveys and site mapping
  • Laser scanning
  • Earthworks & volume analysis
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Civil & construction setouts
  • Monitoring
  • Aerial surveys and drone (UAV) surveys


  • Topographic surveys and site mapping
  • Civil & construction setouts
  • Commercial setout surveys
  • Laser scanning
  • As-built surveys
  • Monitoring
  • Aerial surveys and drone (UAV) surveys


  • Topographic surveys and site mapping
  • Certification surveys
  • House & construction setout
  • Lease surveys: (BOMA) rentable area measurements
  • Land transfer survey for urban and rural subdivision
  • Monitoring
  • Aerial surveys and drone (UAV) surveys

Our experience & expertise

Allow our surveyors to take the reins on helping you navigate various regulatory processes when developing your land. The professional approach our team takes is communicative, responsive and guarantees accuracy. It’s our role to produce results for you on time and to budget, as proven by our excellent track record.

What is McKenzie & Co’s point of difference?

Take strides forward in your land development or subdivision planning as we facilitate and cater to your every need with expert surveying services whilst ensuring compliance with Council standards. Whether for residential buildings, commercial properties or infrastructure

projects – our surveying services are also complemented by civil design/engineering, planning and project management. This ensures that you have expert advice at your fingertips for all aspects of your project.

Founded by industry expert Clayton McKenzie

80 professionals across New Zealand

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There are various types of surveyors. For example, a surveyor who focuses on land development has the job title of ‘Land Surveyor’. If you are looking for land surveyors in Auckland, Taupo or Rotorua, we can help.

The role of a land surveyor, specifically, is to measure and map the shape of land usually for the purposes of land development, monitoring or environmental assessment. A land surveyor will gather data for civil engineering and construction projects so that accurate site plans can be drawn.

They will take a range of mathematical measurements to gather the information necessary to complete a detailed report and map of the land. It is also their responsibility to map out distances, heights, slopes and features which will allow architects and builders to design, develop and build on the site.

Surveyors are part of a fast-paced and technologically advanced industry as they commonly use specialised technology and equipment to record the environment. They will use this equipment to measure and capture data that will then be downloaded into specialised software packages once back in the office environment, that can then be shared with the client in multiple formats.

Land surveyors are the first professionals in the building process to calculate and chart the land on any land development project.

They work closely with other specialists in the building and land development industry – architects rely on the key measurements provided by land surveyors to maximise the landscape when designing, and engineers use the data to plan structures and the infrastructure that is required to support them.

Post the design phase, measurements can also help with information for the earthmoving and construction phases.

As land surveyors provide a multitude of services, costs can vary. Please reach out to us so that we can gather more information from you and provide a free quote.

At McKenzie and Co. we provide surveying services for land development, civil and infrastructure projects, construction and commercial projects, and building/residential developments.

We provide the following surveying options (amongst others): topographic surveys and site mapping, boundary definition and pegging, aerial and drone surveys, house and construction setout surveys, asbuilt surveys, laser scanning, and land transfer surveys for urban, rural, unit title, limited title, Maori land, subdivisions and much more.

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