Elementum Apartments

Long Bay, Auckland
Watts & Hughes Construction Group Ltd
Key people
Peter Cottle, David Collins, Xander Tait, Edward Light, Jing Xia

This project consists of the construction of 107 apartments, 15 terrace homes and 2 retail spaces on an 8,195m2 site. The development includes 9 buildings typically 3 levels in height and 1 level of basements with at grade carparking and a landscaped central common area.


Site establishment

  • Install survey control
  • Data management
  • Site validation

Surveying setout – earthworks & civils

  • Setout sediment & erosion controls
  • Setout earthworks & retaining walls
  • Setout storm and wastewater and stormwater detention tanks and utilities
  • Setout piling
  • Setout of road, accessways, car parking, paving and utilities

As-builts – earthworks & civils

  • As-built sediment controls
  • As-built public and private services and infrastructure
  • As-built piling

Surveying setout – buildings

  • Setout of foundations and gridlines
  • Setout of foundations, columns and holding down bolts
  • As-built holding down bolts and setout building gridlines on basement

As-built survey & certification documents