Fred Taylor Drive

Whenuapai, Auckland
Precise FTP Development LP
Key people
James Dufty, Luke Karaturovic, Beatrice Zhang, Jackson Mohi

The 5 stages of this development comprise approximately 750 stand alone and terraced house lots with an architecturally designed dwelling. There are over 300 metres of arterial road, 650 metres of 3 collector roads and 1750 metres of local roads designed to service the development.


  • Fred Taylor Drive was originally a 17.9-hectare subdivision, consented for 15 lots. McKenzie & Co. worked with the client to achieve resource consent for 5 superlots – which can now be subdivided into up to 750 individual properties.
  • McKenzie & Co. were engaged to provide design and delivery of the development through engineering, surveying, and professional services.
  • McKenzie & Co. are responsible for design and delivery components including  Engineering Plan Approval (EPA), tender processes, contract and construction management, s224 and surveying through to s223.