Twilight Football triumphs

Remember back when there was no lockdown and the virus was something that was really only a concern overseas?

Those we’re the days when we could get together for team lunches, drinks at the pub after work and sweat it out in exceptionally close proximity to our opponent on the football pitch. Barbaric right?

But despite the unthinkably close contact, our boys did us proud. The tournament had it all; wins and losses, tantrums and turf burns, red cards and ring-ins.

McKenzie & Co. Twilight Football team

The blokes made it to the finals no less and while we didn’t come through with a win, it was a thrilling ride while it lasted. Thanks to everyone who played:

Brad “safe hands” Rudsits

Matt “I can’t tell time” Boylan

Jimmy “sticking my neck out” Kitchen

Chris “red card” Mellican

Don “business socks” Wu 

Luke “warm-up master” Karaturovic

Nathaniel “match winner” Cheah

Patrick “broken glasses” Pereira

Anuj “energizer battery” Chaswal

Mark “sleeveless” Melville

Nathan “new recruit” McIntosh

Simon “one hit wonder” O’Hanlon

And official team photographers Vic Santiago and Daisy Zhu.

Enjoy the seasons highlights in pictures.

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