Meet the Taupo team

There’s a lot of laughter drifting around the corridors of McKenzie & Co.’s Taupo office. Good-natured teasing coupled with a familiarity between colleagues that’s not often found in large companies, the McKenzie & Co. Taupo team could be mistaken for a bunch of mates.

Well, that’s because they are.

November 1st, marks four fabulous years since McKenzie & Co. purchased Taupo surveying firm Central Surveys and it’s been success after success ever since.

So, who are the talented people behind McKenzie & Co. Taupo? Find out more about this energetic and eclectic bunch below.

Jerome Feuillade – Manager

Qualifications: Dip Topography & Land Surveying ESGT (France) Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

This Frenchman-turned-Kiwi, is an adventure seeking father and husband. When he’s not kite surfing or skiing you can find him spending time with his wonderful wife and two daughters.

Accompanied daily by best friend Cookie, Jerome is the manager of this rowdy Taupo bunch. Using all 20+ years of experience, gained both overseas and here in New Zealand, Jerome became a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in 2015. He puts his vast skills to good use in engineering, hydrographic and monitoring surveying as well as engineering design.

You know Jerome is around when you hear a combination of “Bloody hell… [insert French expletives here]…Should have gone skiing…Christine, do you have a minute.”

Christine Gordon – Office administrator

As they say, “the show must go on”, and with Taupo Office Administrator Christine keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes, it’s a well-rehearsed production day after day.

With her love of drama, Christine – who is a well-respected member of the Centre Stage Taupo theatre group – is the perfect person to manage the office, reception and accounts.

A master of cake baking and all things social, Christine is an exceptional multi-tasker who loves nothing more than spending time with her two granddaughters.

Russell Dick – Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Qualifications: B. Surv, MNZIS, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Surveying runs through Russell’s blood with both his father and grandfather both in the profession.

Russell is a man of huge experience and mana in his own right. After 35+ years in the industry, what Russell doesn’t know about cadastral surveying, well, it just isn’t worth knowing. Seriously.

With experience in land transfer, survey office and Maori land surveys, his real forte lies in his specialist knowledge in the area of Crown land. So sought after is Russell’s experience, clients often ask for him by name. In fact, Russell himself was one of the instrumental drivers behind the acquisition of Central Surveys, with his reputation preceding him.

As a lover of dining out and watching sports, Russell is in heaven with the Rugby World Cup on at the moment.

You know Russell is in the building when you hear “We have the technology”.

Sue Slegers – Senior Planner

Qualifications: BSc(REP), MRP(Hons) INT. MNZPI®

The lady with the best view in the office, Sue is clearly an expert negotiator and planner.

With a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of resource management, Sue works her magic to gain resource consent and permits for various projects nation-wide in a wide range of development and policy areas (land, water, subdivision and concessions).

As a former Chief Volunteer Fire Officer, Sue’s skills in emergency management mean she has a calm and efficient demeanour under pressure. Given the scale of the projects Sue works on, this is definitely a good thing.

Jay Manatad – Civil Engineer

Qualifications: BSc, Graduate Diploma

Jay is a clever man. It didn’t take him long to jump ship from the Auckland office to Taupo after realising the grass really is greener on the other-side of the Bombay’s.

His love of the great outdoors would see him take long drives to his favourite outdoor playgrounds. But now based in Taupo jay’s favourite pastimes of tramping, camping or fishing are literally on his doorstep.

In between all that fresh air and nature, Jay is our Taupo office resident civil engineer. With a huge variety of skills and experience, especially in project planning, supervision and estimating, GIS updating, AutoCAD design, and drafting, it’s no wonder he’s so highly valued by the McKenzie & Co family.

After gaining experience in commercial, residential, industrial and telecommunication projects, we love having Jay on the team.

Mark Taylor – Surveyor

Qualifications: National Diploma in Surveying

On paper it may sound like Mark is a bit of a nerd. It was his love of maps and geography that led him to a career in surveying, but the minute you shake his hand he oozes energy, humour and personality. It’s no wonder he’s taking on one of Taupo’s most celebrated endurance events this year, the Taupo Half Ironman.

As a high-spirited former three-time New Zealand Olympic-distance triathlete, Mark crams a lot into a typical day. From putting to good use his 30+ years of surveying experience including cadastral, mining, hydrographic and laser scanning to training and most importantly spending time with his family. It’s all go with Mark.

So committed to his job, Mark once took a dip in the Matamata Poo Ponds while surveying the sludge depth. “Sweet as”.

Allan Price – Surveyor

Qualifications: National Diploma in Surveying; National Certificate in OH&S

This committed sporting Dad can be found pacing the sporting fields as either a player, coach, referee or number one supporter of his sports-mad son and daughter. Allan chalks up all that on-field mileage as good practice for walking the often vast project sites he surveys for McKenzie & Co.

Allan has over 19 years’ experience as a Surveyor in Auckland, Rotorua and Taupo. He has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of surveying over commercial, residential and rural land development.

He spends his spare time with his wife and two children in the outdoors or on the sports field (playing, coaching, refereeing our supporting).

Known for his gift-of-the-gab, not to mention his encyclopedic knowledge of music, Allan is regularly heard saying “Hey I got that job” every time he secures yet another Rotorua subdivision.

Graham O’Grady – Survey Field Assistant

Qualifications: Diploma in Civil Engineering

Taupo is known as one of New Zealand’s sporting meccas. Take one look at the calibre of sportspeople in our Taupo office and you can see a clear connection.

Graham is a keen sportsman who is willing to give everything a go, but it’s his love of triathlon that keeps his wheels turning. Having dominated the New Zealand triathlon stage for more than a decade and representing New Zealand more times than we can count, Graham 15 years as a professional triathlete has served him well. The skills he developed in coaching and managing the extreme pressures of race days has meant he is cool and calm under stress.

Known for years as “the baby-faced assassin”, Graham is slowly transitioning into a MAMIL (middle-aged man in Lycra).

In between all this action, he’s a dedicated family man and survey assistant too.

Cookie Feuillade – Mascot and Chief nap taker

Qualifications: Bachelor of Dog, majoring in day napping and crumb hunting.

Known for her ability to find any lap to curl up on, Cookie is the glue that holds the Taupo team together. Her exceptional skills in boosting morale and her natural talent for being cute means she fits right in.

As a dedicated scholar in all things dog, you’ll find Cookie perfecting her skill set at home by practising the art of “puppy dog eyes”, to get what she wants.

So sought after are Cookie’s skills, she was once the subject of a kidnapping attempt. Lucky for us the local hairdresser from down the road managed to rescue her just in time.

To find out more about our services and how we can help, get in touch with the team.