Choosing the Right Civil Engineering Consultant

How do you know if you need a civil engineering consultant?

If your project requires any engineering work, you will need to engage the services of a civil engineer to design this. Such design work may include earthworks and roads to make sites accessible, drainage and levels of sites, and the design and connection of essential services such as water, power, telecommunications, and sewerage systems. Civil engineers will also work with Council during the consent process and are required to certify the construction of all works. Our team of highly-qualified civil engineers can provide all these services.

Finding the right civil engineering consultant

  1. With several consulting firms here in New Zealand for you to choose from, narrow your search to those civil engineers whose reputation precedes them. At McKenzie & Co., our strong track record and proven experience helps reduce your risk and ensures things run smoothly, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.
  2. Look for providers who can prove they have deep experience, can provide expert advice and who are willing to collaborate with you to understand your specific challenges. Ensure that they can provide evidence of communicating in a timely manner.
  3. Find providers who offer complementary services such as land development advice, land surveying, construction observation, planning and project management.
  4. Seek out examples of expert design. It is essential that your civil engineering partner is well respected for quality design and wants to help bring your vision to life.
  5. Insist on a provider whose focus is on innovation and value creation. Ask for examples of where they have developed cost effective, innovative solutions that have created impactful, positive changes to the ROI of a project.
  6. Maximise your land value. Ask for examples of where your proposed civil engineering partner has been proactive, anticipating challenges and finding solutions that have maximised the return on investment for developments, without cutting corners.
  7. Get it done on time. Ask for proof of where your proposed provider has worked to deadlines by leveraging Council relationships and thoroughly understanding consent & approval processes.
  8. Ask for case studies and references to be provided to further put your mind at rest.

What our civil engineering services offer

Land development advisory services:

  • Land procurement support, feasibility studies and investigations for land acquisition. Expert land zoning advice and full services, guidance and support for re-zoning land. Land development advice for greenfield, brownfield and integrated subdivision including dwellings. Development options, costings, staging, program and timing.

Civil engineering design and support services:

  • Transportation, water and waste. Brownfield and greenfield civil engineering, site investigations and due diligence, project scoping, concept and detailed design.

Construction observation:

  • Major arch culverts and bridges, retaining walls, roading, pavements, accessways & laneways, water supply, telecommunications – power and fibre optics, gas, stormwater and wastewater.

Administrative and complementary services:

  • Land surveying, planning, project management.
  • Project execution planning, including key tasks and critical path. Management of stakeholders, sub-consultants and sub-contractors. Management of project budget. Construction programming and monitoring. Progress reports, including regular on-site drone footage. Project completion and handover. All contract documentation.

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