Pumping ahead at Auranga

In a McKenzie & Co. first we recently celebrated officially handing over two pump stations on the same day to Watercare at our Auranga site.

Auranga is a crucial new 85 ha master-planned community in Drury, south of Auckland that, on completion, will house 1350 stand alone homes, duplexes terraces and apartments. It will also have a small commercial centre and over 17 ha of landscaped reserves, cycleways, walkways, fitness trails and a dog park, making it a dream location for many Kiwis.

“What make Auranga such a pivotal infrastructure project is it acts as a gateway to future developments sites, which the Council calls the south-western future urban zone,” says James Kitchen, McKenzie & Co. Director, and project lead for Auranga.

“The land beyond where Auranga sits will potentially have upwards of 30,000 houses if Auckland Council’s urban growth plans are realised.”

“This means we’ve been assisting with the planning, designing and delivering of the bulk transmission water and wastewater infrastructure for this zone.”

Handing over the two pump stations marks a key moment in this complex multi-stage development, as wastewater and sewage can move be moved out of the development and into Watercare assets.

We’re turn our attention to progressing the three super-lots ready for the building contractors to do their thing. There’s no rest for the wicked.

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